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Company history
10 Modified sine wave inverter KC(EMC)Certification - DP-3000BQ
Certification of FCC Class A - DK2410U / DK4820U / DK4810U[CKD]
09 Modified sine wave inverter KC(EMC)Certification - SI-32024BQ / SI-5400AQ
08 Modified sine wave inverter KC(EMC)Certification
SI-2700AQ / DP-44012AQ /DP-6000AQ / DP-50024BQ / DP-6000BQ / SI-64024BQ
Design registration
Solar Standalone Inverter (No.30-0919965)
07 Modified sine wave inverter KC(EMC)Certification
DP-1700AQ / DP-3000AQ / SI-22012AQ / SI-2200BQ / DP-40024BQ
06 Two registrations of program copyright
ATS-1.7K (ATS phase transformation system )
Automatic Transfer switch 2way
05 ROHS certification of all pure sine wave DK / KEY series
03 2U Rack FCC B Class Certification
PRM2000W48120S_DK4820TRU / PRM3000W24120S_DK2430TRU / PRM3000W48120S_DK4830TRU
11 Four registrations of program copyright
CON MD1610 (Converter)
BVVWD 1610K2 (Battery voice warning device)
DSP-K MDD1610S-1 (Sine wave)
PDS-K PO1610M-1 (Modified sine wave)
Solar Standalone Inverter (1KW, 2KW, 3KW) Developed MPPT-Charger System
10 Patent certification (Asymmetric LLC resonant converter device No.10-2013-0062846 )
KC(EMC)Certification DK2410K / DK4810K / DK4815 / DK4860 / DK4880
09 KC(EMC)Certification DK1240 / DK1260 / DK1280 / DK2480 / DK4815 / DK4840
08 KC(EMC)Certification DK2440 / DK4820 / DK4830
01 Consigned certification (certificate for the safety of electric products PDC-4840)
Design registration
Fuse holder(No.30-2015-0030358)
12 KC(EMC)Certification DK2410 / DK4810
FCC Certification
PWRIG100012120S-DK1210U / PWRIG200048120S-DK4820U /
PWRIG300048120S-DK4830U / PRM1000W24120S-DK2410TRU / PRM1000W48120S-DK4810TRU
Registered as patent 10-2015-0180925 (Fuse holder for printed circuit board)
10 Three copyright of program
DKTR-A(DKTR-A-RS232 communication)
Automatic Transfer Switch 2-way-1
Automatic Transfer Switch 3-way-1
09 DK180S(inverter), DKC20A(inverter) Assessment for reliability by KTC (certification for performance)
08 KC(EMC)Certification DK1250 / DK2430 / DK2450
06 KC(EMC)Certification DK4850
05 Selected as a member of a project for improving export capacity of rapid growth
Selected to take part in labor-study concurrent system (for junior college degree programs)
02 Winner of Grand Award for SME Quality Grand Prix
01 DC380V input 10KW 200V ~ 240V, 100V ~ 120V completion of development
PWRIG10K380120 / PWRIG10K380230 / DK38010KWTRU
Selected as company for military service exemption
12 FCC B Class Certification
Consigned certification (certificate for the safety of electric products PDC-12100, PDC-2460)
09 KC(EMC)Certification DK2460
06 Design registration
Bolt to access electric terminal of inverter (No.30-0746873)
05 Design registration
Radiator panel case for inverter (No.30-0743463)
04 FCC Certification
PWRIG500012 - DK1250U / PWRIG500024 - DK2450U / PWRIG500048 - DK4850U / PWRIG800024 - DK2480U / PWRIG800048 - DK4880U
KC(EMC)Certification DK1210 / DK1215 / DK1230
03 Patent registration No.10-1374710 (assembler for inverter connection terminal)
Utility mode registrationsl No.20-0471820 (bolt to assemble power connection terminal of inverter)
01 FCC Certification
PWRIG100024 - DK2410U / PWRIG200024 - DK2420U, DK2415U / PWRIG100048 - DK2410U
KC(EMC)Certification - MSIP-REM-pnk-DK2415 / MSIP-REM-pnk-DK2420
Design registration for power connection terminal of inverter
12 FCC Certification
PWRIG150012120S / PWRIG150024120S / PWRIG150048120S / PWRIG200012120S
Certificate of CLEAN workplace
Selected as SME with export potential
10 FCC certification for pure sine wave (1kw-class) G-44-2013-03028
PWRIG100024 / DK2410U
Pure sine wave 2KW/1.5KW-class FCC Certification G-44-2013-03029
PWRIG200024 / DK2420U, DK2415U
09 FCC certification of pure sine wave (1kw-class) G-44-2013-02769
PWRIG100048 / DK2410U half-finished goods(CKD)
06 Selected as vendor for U.S. government (SAM)
Selected as promising SME
04 Registered of program copyright
DC power voltage display device - 2 No.C-2013-008381
03 Patent application of assembly of connection terminal for inverter [No.10-2013-0028418]
Utility model application of bolt for improving assembly between power connection terminal [No.20-2013-0002328]
Design application of bolt for accessing electric terminal of inverter [No.30-2013-0013879]
Design application of power connection terminal of inverter [No.30-2013-0010619]
08 Three registrations of program copyright
DSP-K MOM1109S (Sine wave) C-2012-015236
DSP-K MDM1110S (Sine wave) C-2012-015237
PDS-K PO1112M (modified sine wave) C-2012-015238
12 Applied patent (10-2011-0133525)
11 Consigned certification (certificate for the safety of electric products PDC-2420)
09 Registered of program copyright
Display device for DC power & voltage(VC METER) S-2011-005517
05 Registeration as venture company
04 Consigned certification (certificate for the safety of electric products PDC-1230)

Patent registration(drive circuit of inverter)
Patents No.10-0958187

05 Certification of test report(by Korea Testing Laboratory)
03 Registrations for program copyright (2010-01-211001589)
PDC-mod3500 Based on source technologies Modified sine wave
12 Test report certified (Korea Testing Laboratory)
09 ISO 14001:2004 / 9001:2008 Certification
06 Manufactured new pure sine wave (by DSP)
04 Completed development of patented/ new pure sine wave by original technology
01 Two registrations of program copyright
sine/key-10b dsp) : 2009-01-211-000248
main/key-d10a (dsp) : 2009-01-211-000249
12 Completed development of universal pure sine wave inverter for precision medical devices and IT(related to pure sine wave)
Registered as patent (10-0873716-0000)
03 Patent application of drive circuit for inverter (application number 10-2008-0026412)
Certification of R&D department (technology lab)
Copyright registeration of complex program (2008-01-211-002878)
12 Registered of program copyright (2007-01-211-007239)
(Control device of input power and overheating)
Registration as special company in parts and materials industry
11 Certification of CE (SI-2200B/SE-11B20 EMC/EMI)
07 Pure sine wave / Development start for complex products related to modified sine wave
01 Sine wave / Modified sine wave inverter Dual Power(D.S.P)
Patent certificate (application no No.0012902)
10 Registered of program copyright (2006-01-211-005232)
Registered of program copyright (2006-01-211-005233)
(Device improvement of pure sine wave inverter)
08 Registered of program copyright (2005-01-211-004491)
(Contol of image noise and protective device for output device)
01 Registered of program copyright (2005-01-211-000420)
(Quality improvement and productivity of modified sine wave)
11 Designated as outstanding quality (G Mark of all our products)
Registered of program copyright (2004-01-211-000420)
(Up-grade all models of modified sine wave)
08 DARDA Trademark registration No. 2003-0015997
12 Registered of program copyright (2003-01-21-6511)
(Pulse control of pure sine wave)
10 pure sine wave (DPK series) completed development
09 ISO9001, KSA2001 certification (DAS/IAF)
08 CE certification (1 model EMC/EMI)
06 Selection of local sales outlets (36 branches)
04 Member registration of Korea International Trade Association
04 Development start of pure sine wave
12 Registered for program copyright (2001-01-21-9765)
(Converting device of modified sine wave inverter)
11 Partner company registration of SK Telecom
08 Selection start of local sales outlets
09 Establishment of PNKHITECH Co., Ltd.
Company introduction

Corporate ideology
Company history

Introduction of products
Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Solar light inverter
Transfer switch
Battery charger
Manuals for each model
Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Transfer switch
Battery charger
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Certificate of patent registration
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No. 10-873716]
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No.10-0958187]
Patent certificate of connection terminal for inverter [No.10-1374710]
Utility model, Certificate of design registration
design certificate of power connection terminal for inverter[No.30-0728505]
Utility model right of bolt for improving assembly of inverter's power connection terminal with wire connector [No. 20-0471820]
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