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Pure sine wave
- DK series
- DK rackmount
- DK for export
- KEY series
Modified sine wave
Solar inverter
- DKS series
  [Solar MPPT Inverter]
- DK series
  [Pure Sine Wave Inverter]
Battery charger

12V 24V 48V
DK1280 (12V) 8KW DK2410K (24V) 10KW DK4810K (48V) 10KW
DK1260 (12V) 6KW DK2480 (24V) 8KW DK4880 (48V) 8KW
DK1250 (12V) 5KW DK2460 (24V) 6KW DK4860 (48V) 6KW
DK1240 (12V) 4KW DK2450 (24V) 5KW DK4850 (48V) 5KW
DK1230 (12V) 3KW DK2440 (24V) 4KW DK4840 (48V) 4KW
DK1220 (12V) 2KW DK2430 (24V) 3KW DK4830 (48V) 3KW
DK1215 (12V) 1.5KW DK2420 (24V) 2KW DK4820 (48V) 2KW
DK1210 (12V) 1KW DK2415 (24V) 1.5KW DK4815 (48V) 1.5KW
  DK2410 (24V) 1KW DK4810 (48V) 1KW
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Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Solar light inverter
Battery charger
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Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Solar inverter
Battery charger
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Certificate of patent registration
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No. 10-873716]
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No.10-0958187]
Patent certificate of connection terminal for inverter [No.10-1374710]
Utility model, Certificate of design registration
design certificate of power connection terminal for inverter[No.30-0728505]
Utility model right of bolt for improving assembly of inverter's power connection terminal with wire connector [No. 20-0471820]
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