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Pure sine wave
- DK series
- DK rackmount
- DK for export
- KEY series
Modified sine wave
Solar inverter
- DKS series
  [Solar MPPT Inverter]
- DK series
  [Pure Sine Wave Inverter]
Battery charger
12V 24V 48V
SI-5400AQ max8000W DP-95024BQ max10500W DP-95048Q max10500W
DP-6000AQ max6500W SI-64024BQ max8500W SI-85048Q max8500W
DP-44012AQ max5000W DP-6000BQ max7000W DP-70048Q max7000W
SI-2700AQ max4000W DP-50024BQ max5500W DP-55048Q max5500W
SI-22012AQ max3500W SI-32024BQ max4300W DP-40048Q max4000W
DP-3000AQ max3000W DP-40024BQ max4000W DP-35048Q max3500W
SI-1700AQ max2500W DP-3000BQ max 3500W DP-25048Q max2500W
DP-2000AQ max2000W SI-2200BQ max3000W DP-10048Q max1200W
DP-1500AQ max1500W DP-25024BQ max 2500W  
DP-1000AQ max1200W DP-16024BQ max1600W  
DP512 max 500W DP-1000BQ max1200W  
DP412 max400W DP524 max500W  
DP424 max400W  
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Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Solar light inverter
Battery charger
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Pure sine wave
Modified sine wave
Solar inverter
Battery charger
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Certificate of patent registration
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No. 10-873716]
patent certificate of inverter circuit [No.10-0958187]
Patent certificate of connection terminal for inverter [No.10-1374710]
Utility model, Certificate of design registration
design certificate of power connection terminal for inverter[No.30-0728505]
Utility model right of bolt for improving assembly of inverter's power connection terminal with wire connector [No. 20-0471820]
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